05 May 2015


DAYAO has finally ended, beautifully, on 4th May 2015. Yes, coincidently it's 4th May again this year. When it ends, it also marks the beginning of #PDS, Post Dayao Syndrome. Though right now i'm really bad at writing and i've lost all my blogging skills, but still don't care i'm just gonna write. So, here it goes my PDS post. 

I'm actually currently in my third year and as a third year student meaning LIFE IS ALL ABOUT FYP a.k.a THESIS. I'm quite tied up with my thesis and slowly i'm letting go my positions in all of the organizations and passing them to my juniors. Also, being too hectic in my second year uni life, it literally did drained me off, so i'm trying to give myself a balance, though i'm still juggling between studies, work and events. I have my targets to hit; which is being able to maintain my result and also stabilize my hosting career, so i'm starting to host on freelance basis as well fyi i'm still working in 988 cruiser, with even more responsibilities, I was also the Administration Bureau Head for UMANY during campus election last year end. Everything is flooding me, and I was really stressed, preparing for mini concert, campus election, auditions, camp, thesis, I struggled, honestly, I had that one sec thought of not joining Dayao, but i slashed it off immediately. I asked myself, am I satisfied yet? am i willing to let go? was the one in 2014 gonna be the end? But the thought of letting go of Dayao makes my heartache, like pain, slashing off a piece from me. So I told myself, "Persevere no matter what comes in your way, because Dayao is what you love." That was how I make myself here in Dayao 2015.

I have to say, I might look very sociable, but the familiarity in Dayao to me was built between my batchmates, since year 1, and when i knew that most of them are not joining, left only Yu Hong, Seong Jiann and me, I was lost a bit. It takes time to familiarize yourself in a really new environment, true there were some juniors whom i knew, but still, the familiarity disappeared. I was not very confident that it's gonna be as good as ever, just like how juniors were uncertain about Dayao. But I'm so glad, juniors them all have the "dayaoness". Great great! I have to say the Dayao camp was awesome, it was all plain enjoyment and fun, had so much fun making a drama together with my groupmates. Talking about that, I have to mention about the task given to us, to make a production with acting, singing, and dancing, entitled "可爱的Bay Max" (The Cute Bay Max). So, Bay Max is already cute, the way to make it stand out is to completely think out of the box. So.....I had the idea of combining "Journey To The West" (西游记) and "Bay Max". The context was changed completely, and I was the one acting Tang Zeng, the sifu of Sun Wu Kong, that was soooooooo memorable until now after a few months, ppl are still asking me to eat vege. (吃斋, my frequent used words in the drama) With every steps taken, I gain more faith and grow together with the juniors.

The Theme for Dayao this year is "Lost徊"and my song was "那只Bee" (That Bee), I have to say I really don't fancy this song at first because it's not so much of my genre, and I actually hope that I could sing something more rockish or jazzy. I was initially assigned 2 songs, the other one was more like my genre and rockish (全方位的爱), but I had to pull out because my throat condition doesn't allow me to do so. Oh ya, I've been sick for a week before Dayao. I went to doctor twice and doc told me it's Viral Infection, and antibiotics couldn't help any, it has to depend solely on my body immunity, only will recover with nutritious food and good rest. However, it's the busiest week before Dayao, and even though my voice was cracky and bassy, it doesn't sound really bad on performing day, giving a lil special vocal to the Bee Song. I can't really feel the songas the lyrics was quite direct until I changed the whole concept to a drama, with the "Bee" personified as an annoying man/admirer. Thank you to my partner Jun Giap, backup vocalist Gabriel, Pei Ying and Stanley for cooperating with me and making this bee song a special story. Not forgetting the awesome musicians of Band C-Krets, of course. credit later, lemme finish this part first. xD

 bee vocal team.

Jun Giap, my partner, drama siallll.

Let's see my transformation in Dayao from 1st year to 3rd year. From acting as a guy, to a sexy lady and back to a twin pony-tailed happy teen girl. Them tails that I have not ties for more than 10 years, but to make the story even more complete, I tied. I secretly hoping I could act like a goddess (even though I do not look like one), wearing white maxi gown, sitting down there, singing some jazzy melodies.....but I ended up looking like a primary school kid. Yeah, Pattern Queen ma. My goodness, couldn't believe how much it differs from my expectation. *covers my eyes* 

Okayhh, back back back. 
There are a few person I need to thank, first my successor Jacqueline and Alaric
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to both of you Jacqueline and Alaric, choosing both of you to be my successor was the rightest thing i did. Both of you are really committed and talented, and most importantly both of you cooperated pretty well, good job and well done! Now dayao is finally over, you both can finally have some rest, but it's nt over yet until you find your successor xD remember to discuss about potential junior with me ya, and both of you needa make smart decisions like me . Thank you for being great leaders and being so helpful in helping the junior! I might have stressed you two a bit, pai se la ya. Also, I know there are some choices and sacrifices you need to make, it's ok, i've been in your position, i can understand, after all it's all for the good of dayao, and came out pretty well! so no worries and i believed all the juniors enjoyed themselves and had very much fun! also, make sure the juniors stay ok? the most important thg about dayao is chuan cheng need to pass those spirits and passion to the new batch and make them all fall in love with the stage. Once again thank you and I love you both!!


Band C-Krets:

Thanks Chen Onn for being such an awesome band leader, really like your way of leading, being strict and fun at the same time. Thought you're a very stubborn person and is hard to communicate with, but chehhhh, yuan lai. You dropped me a bombshell when you did the trailer instavideo for dayao. OMOOOOO. 老安哥摇屁股摇最厉害,吓死我。hahahhaha

Yu Hong, no words for you, coz you never write anythg sentimental for me. HAHAHHA, aiya same la, still as awesome as ever, I like your attitude when playing drums, and thanks for being fierce that our band was never late for practice after the first day. Always like to annoy me lo, but still I really appreciate you one, always gentleman as in taking care of girls la. Aiya, only you will remember im a girl in the end, and really take are of me. Thankkiiiuuu laaaaaa. Next year must join ok, coz we have no more drummers, you needa stay til you found 3. HAHHAHAH.

Pei Ying, good job as a singer manager, and a singer! I noticed you only get crazy when you're comfortable with the environment, like after familiarize with us all. Cannot leh, need to go 38 around ppl you don't know too. They said you're like me so you must be as 38 as I am too, hahhaha. Also, don't pai seh on your showmanship, you rocked the stage that day!

Pei Ting:
I only get to know you when it's nearing dayao event day. You're good ok? More confidence and please stayyyy.

Tsu Han:
I didn't expected you to be so touched with dayao, I only realized that dayao has so impact to you after reading your post. Since you like it, make sure you stay ah... 

Confident a bit neh! You look cool with smile and confidence putting up in your face :D

Yue Xiang:
very cool bassist, very geng jiang le.. must stay for dayao ok? continue rocking the stage! and improve on your photography skills please....

Kai Bin: 
I see potential in you,  and thanks for arranging the bee song, and bu yao blur blur liao. xD my knee still gt blue black..

Wei Chun:
Aiyo, beh tahan u oh. why u so sampat one, hahhaha? lagi 38 than a 3rd year senior. hahha anyway, i like your 38ness, pls stay and make sure the entire dayao 38 with you ok?

wahhhh, guys who can play saxophones are so cool le ♥ I know you're the band manager for Band Ehlien also, good job and jia you !!

Thanks for helping us even at the last minute. Please come back, I know you ♥ Dayao one. Come back and stay leeee

**If I left out anyone, pls let me know la ya, mentioning mostly only musicians, haha, singers, i'll pass to your HOD. xDDD

I know you're too occupied with too much events, but thanks god in the end you managed to put all the pieces together. Good job !

Zhi Yang:
I admire your musicality!Do stay in dayao and help the juniors ok? :D

Song Han:
AC-ians, continue to hiao and I know you have put in lots of effort. Sometimes, you're better than you thought you are, have some confidence ok?

Jia Quan:
I know you're quite stressed eing the vice president of Dayao and also singer at the same time, but you did really well and did not let me down. Well done !!

Sue Yi:
Dear miss president, thanks for your hardwork and i believed it's all paid off. Please please do chuan cheng properly to your successor ya! 

Thanks multech for such an awesome night ! Jia you!

Thanks for your hardwork, we all can see it. It's beautiful !!

Thanks for arranging the time well, so we could have a few times of rehearsal, it is very important !

This one really need to give  a big clapppp, damn lots of sponsors ! Good job, 
but next time hor, the makeup and hairdo sponsor cn find better one a? xD

Bu cuo la, ji xu jia you! Can tell you guys really put in lots of effort and thanks for making the audience to have  good laugh :D

Shi Hao:
Thanks for being a good band leader, there are more to learn! jia you!

Band Ehlien:
Sorry guys, not able to perform QFWDA in the end, but still thanks for your guidance and cooperation guys ! :DD

and also thanks Jian Yau for coming, hope you had a great night. I knew you have not been to a uni concert for like ages, hope it has refreshed you.

Done with crediting stuffs, back to my emo part now.

So, I had a good long sleep after Dayao and for the whole day I was happily scrolling fb to see photos that ppl tag me and juniors writing their feelings, enjoying #PDS. I was happy and bubbly until I saw my Band Leader Chen Onn posted his lengthy PDS post, I was laughing and crying at the same time. Suddenly I feel the sadness that hits me, telling me that there will be no more chance to perform in dayao anymore, that's the end. This is my last performance in Dayao ever. It feels so sad and I feel so reluctant to let go. It is something that grows together with you throughout the 3 years in uni. Next Dayao onwards, I will be sitting down the stage together with old birds and watch them juniors performing. I really need some time to get over with this.. I'm just feeling reluctant to leave the stage, I love stage, I love performing.. Ngawwww... I can do nothing, juniors pls let me know if you have any problem, I'll be willing to help, and wishing you all the best.....

we are all VOGUE models.

-- music is to express, not to impress. 

03 February 2015

Taxi Bible

Okayh, im writing this because I think I am so experienced in taking taxis already. I used to take taxi to work, usually from UM to Tropicana City Mall, and sometimes I do take taxis from other places as well, for once I took taxi from Setapak to 1U, it cost me around 22 bucks. I know, so freaking expensive right, but sometimes there’s not much choice for us. I have alpha Talasemia, (though I know I don’t look like one), thus I have frequent headache and migraine. This happens all the time when I don’t get to have enough sleep, so if I get to finish my class at 2 something, I would go back to take a nap  then take a cab to office rather than rushing myself to take buses and lrt transits. It’s not like I’m a rich kid, or a spend-thrift, but I have a few experiences that the 15 mins journey took me up to 2 hours to reach my hostel from office just because I chose to take shuttle bus and public transports. You know you hate it so badly when the time you reached one station and the bus have just got off. Waiting is a kill of time, and I’ve got very low patience, I don’t like waiting, I don’t like wasting my life to wait. I know it’s expensive, but if I have car, I also would not like to spend so much on transportation. However, since I am still a property-less person, I’ll just have to continue taking public transports.

Today I’m here to share you a few important tips when you’re taking a cab, especially newbies who are still new to experience of taking a cab. I started taking taxis in my first year of uni, at first I was very nervous too, I have almost zero experience to it and my mum used to tell me a lot of taxi drivers are bad guys, coz there were too much of this kind of news in the newspapers. Somehow this is half true, I have met a few terrible and unethical taxi drivers. I don’t speak from an aspect of sexual harassment, but the ethics and attitude.

1.  Check the metre once you get in.
Until today, 3rd of February, it is still RM3 flat rate. First, make sure the taxi driver clear the previous amount and recalculate all over again. For some cases like you got in the cab at halfway, if there is another passenger in the cab and he said he is going to deliver him/her first, make sure you count your own miles and journey you have to travel to get to the destination, not inclusive of the journey taken by another passenger. LOTS of unethical taxi drivers tend to take a few passengers with diff destinations at one go and charged double or triple, pretending they are so kind, make sure you are not scammed or bullied. When the passenger get down, make sure he recalculates it or he deduct the amount, talk to him. If he refuse to do so, get down or start taking pictures with shutter sound on, scare him la. Who scare who? LOL, in Chinese we say, 跟他死过啦。Even if the amount is not much, you shouldn’t pay for what you shouldn’t pay. If you tolerated, there are only 2 consequences, first you get bullied because of not being brave enough, you pay for your c*wardness. OOPS. Second, you are not and always will not be the last victim, you’re encouraging the growth of the social problem. The words may have gone a little too extreme, but this is what that happens. Err, however, your condition might not be the same like mine, so you zap sang la.

2.  Metre-based
Confirm the taxi drivers are charging by metre reading always unless necessary. I can tell you for once, a taxi driver he kept driving extremely slowly, and when you complaint, he said he can go as fast as helicopter if you pay him 20 bucks. That was from Paradigm back to UM, I refused, and I insisted I want to be charged by metre reading, it ended up for 12 bucks ONLY, so you see the difference now?  

3. Car plate number and complaint channel
Whether the driver is good or not, you should jot down the car plate numbers for your own safety sake. There are car plate numbers around the car, dashboard and also on both left and right. The complaint channel to SPAD are on your left and right as well, keep the car plate number and file a complaint if you happen to meet unethical drivers. Well, the authority will not know about the terrible attitude the driver has if no one reports, right? Just take it as a civil responsibility.

4. Taxi? Yay or Nay?
I would encourage you to take taxi if you’re going out with a bunch of friend, aduiiihhh, don’t have to rush here and there just to save that 1 buck la, you drink one less starbucks can save you a lot already ok. HAHHAHAH, an example, you only have to pay RM 2 to get to Midvalley, but all time you need to spend waiting and the road you have to walk. Just get 3 more friends to go with you, then you only have to pay less than 2 bucks and walk less. HAHHAHHA, knowledge gained right? Sak qin lok lei doi a. I have good math. And please don’t take taxis during peak hours, you’re gonna cry. It’s gonna be so expensive. Usually I pay 4 bucks to travel from KK12 to LRT Universiti, and for once it was so jammed and I had to pay 8 bucks.

5If no taxi, how le?
I believe the students nowadays all have a smartphone, go download apps called “My Teksi” and “Easy Taxi”, register it earlier, it is very convenient for you to call for taxi just that you have to pay extra 2 bucks and one good thing about it, it keeps a record or a history of your call. There is one cab named “Uber”, it’s all in black colour, just like a normal car, and it’s much safer because you can track your taxi drivers. This is what I heard la, but I still don’t have a chance to try yet, and I heard it’s more expensive compared to the ordinary taxis and apps, I’ll share the experience if I get to try. Or, if you still couldn’t call, let me know, I call for you, and you pay me commission xDDDD You should plan your route if let’s say you’re taking public transport to a place the day before, check all the schedule of komuter and buses, so you could save your time.

6. Why are the differences of the taxis of different colours?
Red, Orange, Green, Yellow are all normal taxis, charge on a flat rate of RM3.
**Blue is exclusive taxis, the flat rate is RM5 instead of RM3.  
The bronze colour Alza is 1 Malaysia taxis, I love it, coz it’s new, comfy and charge on a flat rate like normal taxis RM3.
***The Yellow Top taxis are usually taxis that got no metre reader, they charge by their own, and it’s not by metre reading. Beware of that!

7. Personal details
I am very safety conscious, I don’t always leak my information to the taxi drivers, precisely strangers. It is not because I discriminate their occupation, but because they are strangers. Everyone knows I’m from Kuantan, but when they ask me where I am from, I like to tell them I’m from Klang, or any other place, just to let them know that I’m local, I know everything, I know the price, I know the route, you don’t ever try to cheat me. But if you really want to learn the route and taxi driver happens to be really kind and ethical, you can ask about the traffic condition and the route to learn a bit. Next, do not disclose any information of you because it is not necessary and you don’t have to put yourself in danger. Stalker and pervert sometimes do not write on their face that they are one, you need to be extra protective! Sometimes I answer them, but the information are 70% faked, whatever, they just don’t need to know.

8.  Talkative taxi drivers?
I just don’t know the solution. I don’t know what to do, I’ve met a few and sometimes I’m so tired and I was forced to answer coz at the time I was resting, closing my eyes, he work me up by keep asking “Betul kan?” and he was literally driven away by his own enjoyment of torturing me with his stories, like I’m so interested. He talked about the traffic condition to his current occupation to his previous occupation and his future occupation then to life advices. TOLONGLAHHHH. However, I was grateful that I was calm enough to hold myself from bursting into madness. I still haven’t figure out the way yet, I’ll share you when I have found one.

Alright, I think these are all I could share with you about taking taxis, do not hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any question. :)

Kbyethx. Xoxo.

25 January 2015

Year 2 wrap.

As i said earlier on, this is an edited timeline post. i edited the actual date to be much earlier, so i don't lose track when i review my life after im getting old. *cheaaaaattttt*

Okayh, in short, this is to wrap up my second year of uni life. Starting from Sem 1 to Sem 2, i'm starting to have pieces falling off, it sounds like a zillion days away from me. LOLLLLLLL

Let me start from the very beginning.

Sem 1:

I actually was accepted by 988 Cruiser around end of August and my school starts in September, so i actually started working since the very beginning of my year 2 uni life. Starting from year 2, i'm a full time student and a part time cruiser, but in fact it's actually reversed. MUAAHHHAHAH. Those who know me know i'm a workaholic, but at the same time i'm still a student though, academic couldn't be really set aside and left to die. So between sleep, activities and studies where you only get to chose 2 out of 3, i sacrificed sleep. To be honest, my health is going down hill especially since 2nd year. I overworked myself, but what to do, i'm just so used to being busy. I had insomnia when i was having my 2 months sem break back in hometown coz i was too free. Errrrr...
Okayh, back to the topic.

1. Campus Election
I could barely remember that i was involved in campus election? I've been really busy with UMANY and campus election. I was the candidate for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, but i was lost by 49 votes. It's okayh, i still earned a very precious experience though.  I was very grateful that i had really committed comrades in Pro-Mahasiswa and UMANY to battle with me, and also support from my coursemates and seniors. They helped a lot in campaigning, and that time i really felt warm and touched by the unconditional love that was showered upon me. I wasn't really interested to take art at first but i really wanted to do something to fight for student's rights and welfare. But even if i fail, i still could do something. Battle never ends, and fighter never quits. I just felt sorry for all the hardwork they have put in to help me win, all the time and efforts sacrificed. I have my own banner, poster, namecard and everything. The atmosphere during the campus election was one of the best moments in my uni life. Cooperation that goes far beyond racial status made me really happy, and since that time i know how hard it is to work behind stage, and i've decided to help out in the next year even if i don't compete. That time i was really stretched and tired. Attached some photos as well.

2. 21st Birthday
Below was taken during my 21st birthday dinner with my sis at Kingyo, a Japanese cuisine. I actually don't really cold sushi cuisine, but i love hot stuffs and SASHIMI. Lovesss.  *flykisses* 
There were more photos, i'll try to dig it out. Searching photos was quite difficult to me. Miaooo.

And also, i've granted myself the perfect present; i've registered myself as an eligible voter.
I think it's awesome. BTW, have you? :D

3. PBCUM (Persatuan Bahasa Cina UM) 
Besides involving in campus election, i was the External Vice-President of Mandarin Society of University of Malaya. Err, i don't have much to talk about, coz i don't think talking about the negative experiences i had would improve anything. What i could tell is i wasn't so happy coz i've got too much restrictions and objections against me, and only a few share the same ideology with me. It is a bit difficult to work with people who doesn't share the same mindset, but it's okayh, i'll just take it as a learning platform to work with other peoples. Of course, there were happy moments too; getting to know new peoples, and also when the committee board travels to a new place like Pulau Ketam, and we had a fun meeting trip. It was all fine. Still, it's a good learning base, but somehow it's not what i wanted. The challenge is to keep a safe distance from the influence of OTHER societies and club and to keep good reputation of PBCUM. 

4. 988 Cruiser
Back to work, i really gained lots of experiences, i get to exposed to different situations. 
And one of them was to collect donation items for the victims of flood in Kuantan. During end of year 2013, Kuantan experienced one of the most serious flood in 40 years. I was quite worried too, coz it was my hometown and i couldn't make time coz i need to prepare for exams, but luckily i was able to contribute a little. 

988 cruisers x Red Ryders

and also, for the first time, we get to involve in MV shooting for 988 CNY Album, as kelefe. xD
 yeng sial. xD

with DJ, PM Wang. He's super duper friendly :D

That was wrap for sem1 for what i recall. Heh, imma an old lady, couldn't rmb a thing.
Alright, into sem 2!

5. Dayao
FYI, I was the head for singer department, it was really stressed as it wasn't a one or 2 days stuffs. We started planning and preparing since sem1, and i came out with some activities for singers as a training base. One of them was Mini Concert, i only have a wekk to prepare. I know it wasn't perfect and i always have that habit to pull every responsibilities on me, and when things are not properly communicated, people don't feel involved, and end up you will have to do all on your own. I was angry and helpless, so helpless. I have so many to do, on my own. However, you will learn something from every incident. *true enough*

Sem 1 then just end with exams and camps. 

Sem 2: 

Still i've never stop busying with stuffs, but i have some events that have spiced up my life, naiiiiseeee, hectic yt adventurous. I get to try something really new and i'm really happy about it.

1. Open Mic
The first thing i do after coming back from CNY was performing in Open Mic at Good Friends Cafe, SS 15. Open mic is a session opened to public to perform in a cafe, live, this event is promoted by famous local Jazz singer Winnie Ho and DJ Piao Min. Winnie owns the cafe, so she provides a platform for us to perform. They do it by announcing the theme of the month early and if you would like to perform, send her an e-mail, and some demo, then she will decide. Piao Min, the 988 DJ, he actually invited us to attend, but Qi Jian and I, we were ambitious enough that we told him we wanna perform, and unexpectedly, he encouraged us, and we sent Winnie an e-mail. As a reward to our courage, we're rewarded a chance to perform. The theme was 主播篇, err, we just dont care, even if we're just tiny potatoes, we just wanna grab any chance that is possible. Heh, performing is our passion, we'll not let it slip through the fingers. We get Caryn, Ricky and Mark to help us with the music, and we didn't realize ours is like the team that has the most complete performance, with keyboard , guitar and cajon, while others is either with a keyboard or a guitar only. OOPSS, dayao pattern. After rounds and rounds of discussion, we barely come to a consensus, i'll be singing Close To You by Olivia Ong, Qi Jian will be singing 温柔by Mayday, and the duet song is........ "TAAADAAHHHH, 早安,晨之美!by卢广仲." That was a really good piece and of course it's so easy to sing and everybody in the cafe tends to sing together, that is what that makes me feel elated. :DD

oh, i love this photo so much :)

2. Dayao

Dayao falls on 4th May, and we have to prepare for it for the whole March and April. That was mid semester, where we were either having mid-semester test or submission deadline for assignments. I literally died fighting my way out, you may refer to PDS on May 2014 post for detailed article. But somehow Dayao was never on my to-cross out list, no matter how busy and restless am i. Dayao does not just attached physically but also emotionally to us, we spent time together, band practicing, busking, supper, makan-makan, gaigai (jalan-jalan). It has formed a bond that gave us enormous  strength to face challenges positively. Though tired and stretched out, we always want to make sure we do our best in Dayao.

Photo after busking.
The awesome Team A. We were crazy enough that we get into bus coz we're tired of walking and we started to sing, everyone was so enjoyed, and of course we felt awesome. Just awesome.

rehearsal timeee

3. MAG

I couln't recall the name of our team of performing, if i'm nt mistaken, it should be "Royal Symphony". Kimberly, Wei Tang and I made a team to perform in our college dinner, themed Royal. I sang Skyfall and Set Fire To The Rain? I can't remember what i sang exactly, but should be these two. However, it was all good when i was doing rehearsal, but after waiting to long, coz the dinner delayed, my voice couldn't take it, and needed rest, so when i sing, i literally lost my voice, and i know i didn't perform as good as during rehearsal. *sigh*, but what to do, i don't get to sleep for two weeks.


I knew I was very busy, but couldn't reject coz this was my turn to take up the responsibility to organize an event for PBCUM. So i took up the challenge, i was the Organizing Chairman. Not too much to say, it's just a farewell and installation + AGM, time to say goodbye, time to put down my burden. Still, i thank for every learning opportunity.

5. MFace

Ohh, this was a very great breakthrough point, i gt to get in contact with this because of 嘉荣老师. My cohost is Jyun, my best partner in 988 and also one of my best fren. We cohosted together, streaming live. It's quite challenging as we have to keep looking at the camera as if we're looking at someone, keep talking, keep preparing photos, songs and videos to play. I have to admit at first, i thought this was quite erm,, "visual" type instead of "hosting" type of programme, because a lot of the "so-called" DJ on other channels are quite low quality and some they would just do sexy dancing in front of the camera to gain attention. But we still decided to join because this channel “酷视台” was really different. Each of us host professionally with all efforts and passion. We like it! And just by the time we thought it's time to sign a contract, it came to an end. It was short, we hosted only for a month. *sigh* What to do, shit happens. But still, i appreciate very much for precious experience gained, and awesome peoples i've met.

invited to Grand Opening of LoudSpeaker @ Puchong Setia Walk 
by MFace ex-colleague, Dennis Gan.

6. UM Scroll

Well, the last epic ones before the sem ends, and UM always wanna surprise us with some choking policies during exam week. This time on, RM50 fees for UM Paper Scroll upon graduation. Like, really? seriously? We studied so hard just for a piece of cert, why would you even grab it away from us? We were so dissatisfied, so we went for some protest. It's exam week, not much ppl who showed support, but we did one campaign "Paper Donation Campaign" since UM is so short of paper, *sarcasm level to the max* and a lot people supported us, and the news went viral within hours. Yu Sheng and I worked really hard on this and finally the school authority tolerated. What a good news to cherish ! Let's cherish the power of students' voice! :DD

 oops, only one quarter is coloured, aiyo students marh, no money marh. what to do?

Okayh, lastly, i bought a new handphone-- Huawei Ascend P6, more awesome photos are to be uploaded. :DD


Resolution before wrappppp

I literally forgot when was the last time i wrote a post on my bloggie.
So sorry, I couldn't keep to the promise, to write it as often as i could, i was too busy.
I think i haven even have the time to do a wrap for my sec year?
Okayh, i know i'm A epic fail blogger.
I like to write but was not motivated enough to sacrifice my sleep.
Okayh, my bed is my drugs and i have the worst addiction to it. ikr, i can imagine this facial expression on your face.

Okayh, im actually blogging this in a cafe, and i forgot to bring along my laptop charger. So, before my batt runs out, i better do a quick post. *cheattttt* *retardedness*

Okayh, what i wanted to do is to list out my resolution for year 2015. 
It's late, coz i had exam, *excuses* #iknowwxcusesagain #whateverlabetterlatethannone
Though it's late, but i have to do it and really list them out, else...
The bad habit will go recycle again like last year. I was to busy to list out my resolutions and i kept procrastinating.. and ended up, i forgot about all my resolutions. wtf. I barely remember one, that is to do bilingual hosting, and i did it, though my performance was not as stunning, but at least i would say it's a great start.

So, what i'm going to do this year is, i'm going to set vision and mission for year 2015. Besides setting goals to achieve, but also monthly challenge to work things out. Every month, i will list out one challenge i'm going to overcome or to mission to achieve on social media, publicly, and then to evaluate the results at the end of month. It can be something simple, like read up to 3 books a month or to lose 2 kgs. This idea came across my mind because i always have a lot to do but always have no enough time, or i should say, sometimes i don't know where to start. So by achieving each small steps, i will gain more satisfaction and motivation to achieve more. So, this is my own way to motivate myself to go beyond further.

  1. To involve in trilingual hosting. (this has been achieved, in year 2015, before i wrote this, wheee) I'm now officially an emcee for Chinese, English and Cantonese. Please don't hesitate to contact me for job, u know where to find me. XDDD
  2. To improve/ bring up my CGPA. (achieving good grades is not always my vision, this was fixed after i finished my exam, coz i know, this time chao da sudah)
  3. To get 'A' for my thesis ( of coz! it is what that represents my entire uni life )
  4. To lose weight, i literally meant to tone up my abs. I'm sick enough to bounce back again and again instantly after i lost some weight.
  5. To buy a car. ( Hopefully *fingerscrossed*)
  6. To read more books.
  7. To travel alone once.
And since this month is coming to an end already, and i was lazy and slow enough to only blog about this nearly in the end of month. I've decided to have 2 resolutions for February, that is to lose tummy fats and read up to 2 more books (i've done reading one back in hometown, wheeee)

Ok, that's it ! I know i have no enough motivation and dedication, so hopefully i could achieve more by lining out all my monthly resolutions rather than annual resolutions.

Kbyethx. See ya again soon.

14 November 2014

Hectic Restless Life - nail and nailed

Hi, long time no see, my readers, my blog, my secret corner. I'm back to blogging finally after disappearing for so long. Tonnes of work and assignments got me grounded for a whole 2 weeks. Walking to the toilet was the most thrilling exercise i had in these 2 weeks. My life was plain "Eat, sleep, FYP. Repeat" You must be saying, "what's so big deal with that, assignments and FYP only what." Mine was not just plain FYP and assignments, but 1 quiz, 3 assignments submission and 6 presentations including 1 FYP research proposal presentation, it means quite a lot to me. Satisfaction and recognization gained from the FYP presentation helps to motivate me in a very positive way. In short, FYP is my 3rd year uni life. Luckily, things went quite well and i'm satisfied though i have to sacrifice my sleep hours and skip some classes.  I have to confess that i've improved much compared to last year, i don't simply skip classes and i tried avoid doing last minute job, but some of the assignments topic are too serious and i could not just crap during presentation without doing further investigation on the history background, esp for political assignments.

Continuously having only 4 hours sleep per day is a real torture, but i survived. I could probably share a very effective "staying up late tips", if you have decided not to sleep whole night, then take a very light nap not more than 20 minutes around 12am, then you will feel extra duper sleepy around 1-2am, MUST NOT SLEEP ! If you ever close you eyes, i guarantee that you'll feel very lethargic even if you wake up at 10am, so hold on and sleep between 3-5am; even if you wake at 8am,you're gonna feel energetic, trust me, i'm a very experienced owl. But if you have so much work that you could not even finish before 5am, then you'll feel again another wave of duper heavy eyelids strike around 6-7am, please do not give in. I would advise you to either stay till the next day or sleep before the wave. 

Trust me, i'm an experienced owl. This is how i survived through my high school and uni life.
However terrible it is, nail it just nail it.

talk to you soon,
im going off for a Ipoh food trip together with the beloved fam,
to distress a bit.

food therapy ad retail therapy work best for me. 
kbyethx, xoxo. 

Face of 'challenges accepted and accomplished'. Achievement unlocked! 

1 quiz, 3 assignments submission, and 6 presentations including FYP research proposal presentation in 2 weeks time. Nail it, just nail it. \(^o^)/YES!

not forgetting to pop a champagne for 10k visits. wheeee, i know it's nothing compared to famous bloggers, which hits in a day could prolly beat my total visits, but it's a lil motivation for myself to continue writing, looking forward to hit another milestones ! :D :'*

18 October 2014

#part 3: extra lil facts about me

Alright, so it's bloggy time again. lil facts about me !

Fact 1: I super hate "destroyer" in the karaoke room. 
The destroyer i'm saying here is those who spoil every single song u pick and they knows every song and intentionally sings it awfully. It's a song, halo? At least let me sing on my own, nicely, for just one song la.

Fact 2: "Lite" FM is now my fav.
I used to laugh at LiteN'Easy audiences, because i think it's a radio station for old peoples, octogenerians. But when i tried to listen it once, it was loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I like oldies, classical hits, and so, i kinda fell in love at first sight(heard) to it. :P

Fact 3: Shopaholic
Yes, i'm a shopaholic and i like to dress up whenever i get out of my room. I like to dress up neatly for classes and i never wear College T-shirts out, unless i'm sick. Coursemates would know this. Dressing up nicely and neatly makes me feel good, and because of this, some of the seniors or unimates who don't know me really well, they secretly addressed me as "flower vase". LOLLLLL, they confessed this to me when they know me better in person. *yawn* HAHAHHAHA, being a shopaholic or ban mei mei is not a guilt ok. xD BTW, i'm good at buying cheap and good quality clothes, you can always count on me for shopping advise. :)

Fact 4: I buy kiddo-size t-shirts.
Ok, i dont really like buying t-shirts, and sometimeswhen i feel like i need some, i like to buy kiddo-size t-shirts. Their t-shirts are much cheaper and it fits perfectly. Buying size 9-12 is just nice for me. :p

Fact 5: I never give-in, esp to boastful people.
Sometimes i meet hateful people, that they “扎住鸡毛当令箭”,thinking themselves are more experienced and more superior than me, and like to give me instructions instead of discussing with me, i never give in. Sorry, i don't care who you are, but i just won't give a sh*t about it. I will just ignore and make you feel transparent. I'm expert at it. 

Fact 6: I'm a coffee addict.
I'm badly addicted to coffee, white coffees, like cappuccino, latte, flat white and caramel macchiatto. I'm wide awakened after having a cup of coffee, and tends to have insomnia until 2-3 in the morning to put me into sleep. But, but, green tea/ black tea is ever worse, i can only sleep at 5am after having one.

Fact 7: I can't spell "Malacca"
I've been wrong for years, that i spell "Malacca" as "Melacca". :D I just couldn't spell it correctly.

Fact 8: I'm an utmost ghost movie lovers.
Yes ! Ghost movies and horror movies are always at the top of the list. Though i might scream like hell, but i'm calm aftermath. I can watch it at house alone during midnight, i can watch it alone it the cinema, (but not alone at midnight la, safety issues). 

i think that's it for today, im tired squeezing my brain juice. Hahahha, see you soon !


03 October 2014

some lil things about me #part2: 15 facts about me

Okayh, out of all things, i just wanna pause reading at this moment after drilling and draining my brain for a few hours for the Research Proposal, argghhh, life of a third year uni student. FYP rules my life. *whips*


So, instead of doing some light reading or thinking any further for assignments and fyp, i decided to further elaborate lil facts about me. Earlier on, that was a trend called "20 facts about me", so i was tagged and i was too laszy, listed 20 facts, 15 were new and the other 5 was the one previously shared on my blog.


1. Joycelyn. Name was given by my sister, you can't find it in the name dictionary.

Oh that's true, i don't even know exactly what it means but my family was hoping me to become a very cheerful and joyful person. :D i think somehow i did.

2. I hate ppl comparing me with Joyce Chu (Many people like to compare us because my name is Joycelyn Chu. Only name is similar okay?)

I don't have such ability to be compared,garhhh. enough. I am just myself, Joycelyn Chu is just Joycelyn Chu.

3. I sneeze like a kitty, very soft, but at least 4 times in a row.

I'm sorry if i freaked any of you, sometimes i think it would scared off people sitting next to me thinking i have flu and might infect them, it's just sensitive nose....i do it everyday, and no one is infected because of that. T.T

4: Sensitive nose to dust and cheap fragrance.

Hahhaha, that is why i always say "No" to people who offered me fragrance free gifts in the mall (and it's act dangerous to inhale any perfume from a stranger, it might be a crime trap). I always ask my friends to switch the car perfume to the minimum bar when i got in their car, or..i will sneeze non-stop. 
5. I enjoy baking and cooking very much.

Yep, and i enjoy modifying my own recipes. I love green healthy diet but desserts at the same time. I baked countless cakes during my sem break and make sure im well fed with desserts whenever i'm hungry and i am so round now.

6. I dislike people to take things for granted, be grateful and appreciate !

Oh. I really hate this kind of people, no much description needed, i think every of us met this kind of people before.

7. I love singing and hosting very much.

I was the previous HOD for Singer department for Dayao concert and im working as a part time 988 cruiser, that i go all around Malaysia and host. Please do not hesitate to find me for hosting jobs, currently expanding my hosting experiences.

8. I'm a workaholic. I enjoy my job very much.

9. I'm a student activist (i guess UM-ians would know)

:D i contested as faculty representative in year 2013 and was lost by 49 votes.

10. I'm hyperactive and i join a lot of activities. 

Errrrr, i think those who know me knows, and they like my time management.T.T
It's actually choosing 2 out of 3 things: sleep, study and activities. LOLLLLL

11. Due to the facts from 8-10, i usually only get to reach my room earliest by 12am. 

Not so bad recently, not everyday at least, i'm old and my body cant take it anymore. Metabolism has gone down so much. *sigh...i'm old*

12. I have a sweet or perhaps diabetic tooth, i always have space for desserts.

Girls have second tier of space just for desserts i guess? :D

13. I got first runner-up for chinese traditional dance though u might think my limbs are robotic. It's unbelievable even for me.

Hell yeah. But i have yet to try modern dance, hope one day i will have such courage to do it.

14. I'm single. There are a lot of people who thought i'm attached and the first question they would ask "Where is your bf from?" instead of "Do you have a bf?"

Refer previous post. Muahahhah

15. I enjoy hanging out with a group of less than 3. Because i like to spend quality time with my dear friends. 

I would prefer to spend time alone rather than a big big bunch, sometimes. :/

Okay, that's all for now. I will keep updating the blog and some lil facts about me, so you could know me better :)) byes